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What are consolidated services?

It is the set of integrated services that provide the client with the ease of acquiring all the necessary requirements to qualify to obtain Federal Funds. It is the opportunity to receive all services under a single contract and strengthen the office of management and administration of funds.

Evaluation Analysis and Incorporation

Initial evaluation of the participant's documents and their program. Assistance and preparation of documents to meet the basic requirements. Recommend the initial processes necessary to qualify the client to obtain Federal funds, as well as to establish their program. Works in the legal establishment of the non-profit organization that they wish to incorporate with the Department of State to work under the Community Integration projects as applicable. We develop and prepare the necessary documents to establish the organization including Articles of Incorporation with the clauses required for Federal certification. Development of Vision, Mission, Objectives and application for the Employer's Social Security Number. 

Strategic Planning and Microenterprise Development

 Designs strategic plans to develop the implementation of projects.
• Evaluates and recommends the processes necessary to achieve the participant's goals
• Develops the programmatic work plan and action plan.
• Establishes the necessary requirements for the implementation of
     ✓ Needs analysis
     ✓ Feasibility studies
     ✓ Research Studies
• Development of the work plan in phases for each project.
• Provides technical assistance, training and monitoring.
• Compiles information for identification of funds and development of proposals.
• Plans and coordinates workshops, seminars and conferences.
• You provide seminars and workshops in Federal funds for designated personnel.
• Develops and establishes the "Federal Administration Structure"
• Develops training workshops
• Analyzes and establishes the parameters aimed at projects of social interest combined with training to establish micro-enterprises in the areas of agriculture, manufacturing, and are prepared according to the identified need.

Federal Certification

Provides technical assistance and guidance on documentation required to qualify through section 501 (c) 3 of the Federal Internal Revenue Code (IRS) Preparation and submission of form 1023 for the acquisition of Federal 501 (c) (3) certification . We develop the Corporate Bylaws in accordance with federal IRS regulations, Narratives, Vision and Mission of the organization, Objectives, Strategic Plan, Administrative and Programmatic Budget, Conflict of Interest Policy. All documents according to law with the inclusion of federal clauses (requirement to be able to qualify for obtaining Federal Certification) Preparation of Form 1023.

Federal Funds

  1. Identify the applicable source of funds for the program to be established.
  2.  Evaluate the source.
  3. Analyze and Recommend through the analysis of Federal guidelines.
  4. Track available funding sources.
  5. It compiles the availability of funds, as well as the requirements of
    eligibility and dates of availability.

Federal Proposals

  • Designed with high content and quality by experts in Federal Proposals, they work according to the priorities of the Federal government. A professional multidisciplinary team works providing support and participates in the preparation and submission of proposals.

 Training and Training

  • He trains in different areas such as;
    1. Administrative Structure
    2. The importance of Federal laws and regulations
    3. Preparation of work and action plans
    4. Management and Implementation Processes of Federal Programs
    5. Ethical Processes in the management and administration structure of Federal Funds and Programs

Technical Assistance and Monitoring

  1. Offers technical assistance to the participant in the process of
    implementation of the program.
  2. Technical assistance and monitoring in the preparations for
    Federal Reports.
  3. Technical assistance and monitoring in the development of the
  4. Technical assistance and monitoring in the implementation of the administration and management structure of Funds.