Professional Consultants on the Implementation, Development and Management of Federal Programs

Our services

We identified Funds directed to Health, Education and Economic Development and micro-business projects as well as those directed to social programs for homeless people, the elderly, young people, battered women, vocational programs, programs for the disabled, etc. Under special concepts we work on the development of Construction Projects.

We have ninety-nine percent (99%) qualifying Faith-Based and Community Organizations under Federal section 501 (c) (3) required to submit proposals and receive Federal funds among others. We are committed to our clients to provide them with a high quality service in a professional and efficient manner.


Program design - Initial needs analysis - Articles of incorporation - Objectives - Board of Directors - Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Federal 501 (c) (3) Certification

Forms 1023/1023 Z - In law (with federal clauses) - Conflict of interest policies - Budget preparation - Program narrative - Program vision - Program mission - Program objectives

Federal Funds

Fund identification - Fund analysis - Fund evaluation - Eligibility requirements - Screening synopsis - Application team

Federal Proposals

Concept design - Needs analysis - Work plan - Action plan - Logistics - Project research - Program narrative - Budget - Budget justification - Program objectives - DUNS number - SAM Registry - Proposal development

Training and Training

Administrative Structure - The importance of Federal laws and regulations - Preparation of work and action plans - Management Processes and Implementation of Federal Programs - Ethical Processes in the management and administration structure of Federal Funds and Programs

Technical Assistance and Monitoring

Implementation in the management and development of programs - Administration of funds


Nonprofit organizations

First Objective

Our first objective: To qualify organizations through form 1023 of the Internal Revenue code to obtain the Federal 501 (c) (3) IRS certification.

Second Objective

 Our second objective: Identification of Federal Funds and Preparation of Federal Proposals of high quality and content.

Third Objective

Third objective: Design of Administration and Structures of Federal Programs providing the participants the opportunity to be trained to implement, administer and manage the programs.

In the government area

First Objective

 Our first objective: Strengthen the federal affairs office through the implementation of Federal Fund Administration Structures and program management, providing members with tools in accordance with federal clauses and requirements in the implementation and management of projects. We combine training workshops and offer technical assistance and monitoring of programs and projects.

Second Objective

 Our second objective: The Identification of Federal Funds and Preparation of Federal Proposals of high quality and content for new projects according to the government plan.

Third Objective

Third objective: The creation and implementation of "Project of
Community Integration˝.
Created to strengthen government plan projects in alliances with community and faith-based leaders and organizations through the acquisition of new funds to strengthen the economy of the Municipality and establish ties of integration with the community.